GST for Freelancers: Everything you need to know in 6 simple steps

Everything you need to know about how GST affects your freelancing business. Free resources to create automated GST compliant invoices.

1. What is GST?

The full form of GST is Goods and Services Tax. It is a new tax regime which replaces all other taxes like service tax, Swacch Bharat tax etc.

2. What are the applicable GST rates for freelancers?

The GST rate applicable for freelancers depend on several factors such as, the location of your client or if any intellectual property rights are being transferred. SpotDraft has simplified this entire process of calculating the GST. Simply create a contract on SpotDraft and it will automatically calculate the GST that is applicable to you. You can now create beautiful, automated GST compliant invoices for free on SpotDraft!

3. Do freelancers have to register under GST?

If your annual income is below Rupees 20 lakh or if all your clients are in the same state then, the GST registration is not compulsory. For example, if you are based in Bangalore and all your clients are based in Bangalore, you do not need to register of GST.However, if your annual income is above Rupees 20 lakh or if you have clients in different states then, you compulsorily need to be registered under GST. You can get your GST registration at

4. Should I charge GST from foreign clients?

No. You don’t need to charge GST from foreign clients. Payments from foreign bank accounts or through Paypal do not require a payment of GST.

5. How do I get a GST compliant bill / invoice?

You can create a beautiful editable GST invoice here. It takes less than 30 seconds to create a GST compliant invoice on SpotDraft

6. How many GST filings do I need to make?

If you are registered under GST, you do not need to file GST returns. However, if you have registered under GST, then you need to file 3 returns each month and 1 annual return. That makes it a total of 37 returns in a year. SpotDraft’s easy invoicing feature, makes this a breeze. You can keep a track of all your invoices on SpotDraft and download them.

Figuring out the new GST regime can be confusing. Opt for a free invoicing tool like SpotDraft to keep your business organised. Sign-up on SpotDraft today and put your business on auto-pilot. You can explore SpotDraft at