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reduction in review time


cost saved compared to manual review


faster deal closing time
Move on from emails
  • Draft, review and execute contracts on the same platform
  • Work with everything in MS Word and more
  • Send instant notifications to review specific clauses
  • Set and receive email reminders for contract renewal dates
First Indian company to enter
the finals of this competition
Global winner of
the Heavyweight category
Amazon AI Award for
Enterprise and Industrial AI
Spend less time on contracts -
without changing your process
  • Share standard agreements templates with all teams
  • Review third party papers in minutes with your playbook
  • AI-enabled deal-point extraction for all contracts
  • Customize workflows to integrate with team-specific processes
Legal teams powered by SpotDraft
Gain End-to-End Visibility
  • Get live updates and status of all contracts with dashboard
  • Maintain a tamper-proof trail of detailed audit logs
  • Store historical contracts and access them with universal search
  • Resolve all version creep problems with a single source of truth