Sample Development Agreement

Development Agreement
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This Website Development Contract is between Big Client Pvt Ltd. (the " Client") and Best Development Services Pvt. Ltd., a company incorporated in India (the " Developer").

The Contract is dated July 7, 2017.


1.1 Project. The Client is hiring the Developer to do the following: The Developer will assist the Client in developing the website, user experience (UX), and user interface (UI) of their new website. This will include the landing page and four additional static pages.

1.2 Schedule. The Developer will begin work on July 16, 2017 and must finish the work no later than August 15, 2017.

1.3 Payment. The Client will pay the Developer a flat fee of 10,000. Before work starts, the Client will pay the Developer 2,500.

1.4 Expenses. The Client will reimburse out of pocket expenses incurred by the Developer. Expenses must be preapproved by the Client.

1.5 Invoices. The Developer will invoice the Client for work done at the end of the project. The Client agrees to pay the amount owed within 15 days of receiving the invoice. Payment after that date will incur a late fee of 5.0% per month on the outstanding amount.


2.1 Client Owns All Work Product. As part of this job, the Developer is creating " work product" for the Client. To avoid confusion, work product is the finished pr"oduct, as well as drafts, notes, materials, mockups, hardware, designs, inventions, patents, code, and anything else that the Developer works on—that is, conceives, creates, designs, develops, invents, works on, or reduces to practice—as part of this project, whether before the date of this Contract or after. The Developer hereby gives the Client this work product once the Client pays for it in full. This means the Developer is giving the Client all of its rights, titles, and interests in and to the work product (including intellectual property rights), and the Client will be the sole owner of it. The Client can use the work product however it wants or it can decide not to use the work product at all. The Client, for example, can modify, destroy, or sell it, as it sees fit.

2.2 Developer’s Use Of Work Product. Once the Developer gives the work product to the Client, the Developer does not have any rights to it, except those that the Client explicitly gives the Developer here.

2.3 Credit For The Work Product. The Client is under no obligation to give credit to the Developer each time it publishes the work product.

2.4 Developer’s Help Securing Ownership. Down the road, the Client may need the Developer’s help to show that the Client owns the work product or to complete the transfer. The Developer agrees to help with that. For example, the Developer may have to sign a patent application. The Client will pay any required expenses for this. If the Client can’t find the Developer, the Developer agrees that the Client can act on the Developer’s behalf to accomplish the same thing. The following language gives the Client that right: if the Client can’t find the Developer after spending reasonable effort trying to do so, the Developer hereby irrevocably designates and appoints the Client as the Developer’s agent and attorney-in-fact, which appointment is coupled with an interest, to act for the Developer and on the Developer’s behalf to execute, verify,

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