Is Your Team CLM Ready? Learn to Be a Better CLM Buyer

Find out how to set your team up for CLM success
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Featured Speaker
Lucy Bassli
Founder and Principal,
InnoLaw Group
Akshay Verma
Chief Operating Officer,
Whether you're exploring your first CLM or planning an upgrade, this webinar is key to making your CLM journey a success.

Join Akshay Verma, SpotDraft’s COO, and Lucy Bassli, the author of CLM Simplified, as they share valuable tips on selecting a CLM system and provide practical insights to make your team CLM-ready.
Understand what you need as a team to be CLM-ready
Get insider CLM market insights from Lucy's extensive legal tech experience
Discover practical tips for choosing the best CLM system for your team
Learn to identify and document your legal team's pain points and priorities
Access our exclusive CLM Buyers Guide and win Lucy’s CLM Simplified book
Live Q&A with Lucy & Akshay

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