Communicating Complex Legal Concepts to Business Stakeholders

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Communicating Complex Legal Concepts to Business Stakeholders

In this event

Tyler Finn
Head of Community and Growth, SpotDraft
Adam Stofsky
CEO, Briefly
Claire Hart
Chief Legal Officer, Genies
Dan Haley
General Counsel and Corporate Strategy, Guild

About the event

Communicating about the law in an engaging way is both challenging and crucial for our careers. Effective communication within your organization can set you apart as a truly great in-house lawyer. Yet, most lawyers don’t receive formal communications training in law school. To address this, Briefly and SpotDraft have teamed up to help in-house legal leaders learn how to convey complex information more effectively across their teams.

In this webinar, you will learn techniques and tips for building cross-functional trust within your organization. Experienced General Counsels will share real-life examples, offering valuable insights and practical advice.

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