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Xavier Langlois
Chief Legal Officer & Chief Talent Officer @ Beamery
“Great product with an outstanding team! Spotdraft is a very agile company who is hungry to build a category leading product. As a customer, I truly believe the product has huge potential.”

Trusted by general counsel and legal teams at cutting-edge organizations

David Levanon
VP, Head of Operations Formerly @ Chargebee
“The SpotDraft team was more than amazing in helping us evaluate their platform and getting it ready for launch. Their product answers our needs and requirements and grew with us as we scaled our organization.
Arjun David Alexander
Founder and President
@ Rolen Group
“Our most striking breakthrough with SpotDraft has been how much it helped during our investment rounds.
The usually time-consuming legal due diligence process became seamless. We were able to filter and share contracts at the click of a button.”
Ben Bowden
Deputy GC
Formerly @ Zai
“The specific problem we needed SpotDraft to solve was to provide a single, secure, and easily searchable repository of all our contracts. SpotDraft has solved that problem for us. But it also brought significant additional benefits, particularly around the execution of template contracts.”
Taylor Smith
Contract Manager
“SpotDraft streamlined our workflows so we can focus on true legal requests, not the repetitive general requests that could be resolved via standard fallbacks and appropriate approvals. Everything simply works, the team is open to feedback, and the team is constantly improving the product!”