Overcoming Barriers to Legal Tech Adoption

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Overcoming Barriers to Legal Tech Adoption

In this event

Akshay Doshi
VP, Business, SpotDraft
Smitha Chandrashekar
Legal Director, HARMAN International
Mayuri Vats
Head of Legal, Noida International Airport
Devendra B K
Senior Legal Manager, Titan Company Limited
Sabyasachi Ghosh
Deputy Vice President, SBI CARDS and Payment Services Ltd
Nirupam Srivastava
Vice President - Legal and Innovation, Hero Corp
Jagan Nanduru
Director, India Assistant Compliance Officer, Parexel International
Divya Lakshmi Veerabhadra
Associate Director - Ethics and Compliance, Eli Lilly
Ritu Sajnani
Senior Legal Counsel, Coinswitch
Sandesh Jadhav
Global Data Privacy Officer, Wipro
Raghunath Rath
Head - Legal & Company Secretary, Alcon
Mridul Sharma
Head Legal & Company Secretary-India, Liberty Steel Group
Jyothi V K
General Counsel and Vice President, Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited

About the event

Change can be intimidating, especially when it involves new processes and efficiency-driven decisions at work. However, the real winners are in-house lawyers who adapt to change and succeed as business leaders. Many in-house legal teams face the challenge of introducing and driving adoption for new processes and tools within their team. This discussion addresses the most common barriers to legal tech adoption and provides solutions for overcoming them. We explore misconceptions about legal tech and resources to educate legal professionals, strategies to overcome resistance to change, and challenges of integrating new technology with existing systems. Additionally, we discuss addressing data security and privacy concerns, overcoming budget constraints, and tackling the lack of standardization and training support. Finally, we cover how to encourage collaboration and select the right legal tech vendors.

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