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SpotDraft vs Docusign

Paying a premium for poor UI and sluggish UX? Pick a CLM that’s fast, friendly, and affordable.

Enjoy best-in-class UI, ease of use, and suite of integrations
Implement in weeks instead of months
Host your data anywhere in the world
Stop shelling out for each feature update
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Customer Service


Value for Money


Why do companies choose SpotDraft over DocuSign CLM?

Implement in 2 weeks, not 6 months

DocuSign requires payment for external vendor implementation, which can take 6 months or longer. In contrast, SpotDraft offers an in-house implementation program included in every license, providing unlimited training and a dedicated success manager to ensure quick, hassle-free adoption.
I love working directly with their customer success/onboarding team. They have been incredible partners and so easy to work with.

DocuSign is a woefully 
inadequate CLM

DocuSign is far from being an end-to-end solution. It’s almost unbelievable that it lacks a fully functional contract editor! With SpotDraft, you can manage the entire contract lifecycle in one place, without needing extra apps.
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“SpotDraft has massively reduced our turnaround time for creating and approving contracts. The ability to go from template contracts to a fully-functional Editor really helps manage our end-to-end contracting workflow. Their Editor's AI features such as definition extraction and error identification are a time-saver.”

Let go of clunky, embrace clean

DocuSign’s users find themselves lost in its clunky, sluggish dashboard, affecting productivity and ROI. That’s why we’ve designed SpotDraft’s interface to be as intuitive as possible, so that everything is right where you’d expect it to be.
“SpotDraft’s system is straight forward, intuitive, and easy to use, both for administrators and users, who have adapted to it very quickly.”

Scale without breaking the bank

DocuSign users have suffered through hidden costs and extra charges beyond certain thresholds. With SpotDraft, you pay what you see, and your CLM tool remains affordable even as your company grows.
“SpotDraft has the best mix of functionality and reasonable pricing. We've been usingSpotDraft for most of our contract flow and signing. It has made getting agreementsout for signature much easier.”

Never suffer through sloppy support

Users of DocuSign have reported long response times and ignored requests. Unlike them, we care enough to offer industry-leading, hands-on customer service that’s always got your back.
“The easy-to-use functionalities added with SUPERB customer support andimplementation made the transition to SpotDraft a smooth process.”

Integrate SpotDraft everywhere 
you work

We offer both out-of-the-box integrations as well as an in-house integrations team to help you make the most of SpotDraft. Your team is unique. So are our integration solutions—unlike those from DocuSign.
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“We run a lean sales team and having SpotDraft has made it possible to create a contract in seconds. Instead of manually copy pasting stuff from Hubspot, it automatically fills everything and creates a proper contract.”

Host your data anywhere in the world.

SpotDraft is the ONLY modern CLM solution that allows flexible hosting across geographies, so companies can pick where their data is hosted. This way, you can meet regional regulatory requirements of wherever you are based and stay fully compliant.
“Amazing experience. I would not hesitate to recommend SpotDraft to other legal teams.”
SpotDraft Users Have Seen
reduction in review time
faster deal closing time
cost saved compared to manual review

Here’s what teams had to say about Docusign vs SpotDraft

SpotDraft vs DocuSign CLM — Feature Comparison

DocuSign CLM
Contract templates
Templatize high-volume contracts so your business team can work independently of the legal team.
Conditional language generation
SpotDraft templates allow for more than just form-filling values into a template. With our proprietary templating language, you can use if/else conditions and even compute values to generate contracts that meet your requirements.
DocX generation
Support for tables + images
Support for company’s brand guidelines
Self-serve contract templates
Contract workflows
Define contract-specific workflows to streamline contracting and business processes.
Configurable workflows
Pre-configured approvals
Ad hoc approvals
Counterparty collaboration
Audit trail
Bulk-send contracts
Trigger contracts to a large set of counterparties in one-go. Think of it as a mail-merge for your contracts.
Third-party integrations (Salesforce, Hubspot, etc.)
Contract editor
Purpose-built editor for reviewing contracts that is fully interoperable with MS Word.
100% Word compatible editor
Support for basic word formatting
Support for tables, images + more complex formatting
Scoped comments
Definition service
Error service
Comparison on demand
Automatically create new contract versions when edits are made or when approvals are collected.
Clause library
Easily insert the best version of clauses that have been drafted in the past.
Contract review
Assign contracts for legal review when needed.
In-browser review
Contract review and redlining can happen on the browser itself.
Assign for legal review
Tracking review requests
Contract execution
Collect signatures on a contract.
In-built e-signature solution
Documents on SpotDraft are cryptographically encrypted on execution and fully-compliant across India, Europe, US, Singapore, and Australia.
Integrations with popular e-sign solutions
Supports integration with DocuSign, Adobe Sign, Hello Sign, etc.
Run custom queries to find relevant contracts.
Search by pre-defined metadata
Allows for users to search by metadata common to all contracts such as the execution date, counterparty name, etc
Search by custom metadata
Search by contract language
Post-execution contract management
Stay on top of the rights and obligations associated with executed contracts.
Contract-specific key pointers
Key terms associated with the contract are available so users don’t have to go through the contract over and over again.
Renewal reminders
User-defined contract notes
Automated metadata extraction
Historical contract import
Easily import contracts executed outside the platform.
Access control
Specify team-level and user-level access on contracts.
User-level access control
Team-specific access control
Organization entity-specific access control
Specify access to contracts based on the organization entity associated with the contract.
Analytics and insights
Access deep insights into your contracting workflow to discover bottlenecks and showcase performance.
Contract workflow analysis
Insights on how long it took for the contract to move through the various stages of the contracting lifecycle.
Team performance analysis
Insights on the number and types of contracts being processed by different members of the legal team.
Get your CLM up-and-running in your organization.
Best in class
Time to first workflow
2 weeks
6 months or more
Free with SpotDraft license
Available at an additional cost
Performed by
Internal Team
External vendor
Best in class
Email support
Phone + chat + video support
Available at an
additional cost
Dedicated customer success manager
Available for all SpotDraft Customers
Not available

What we charge you is a direct function of the value we’ll be able to provide you with SpotDraft.

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“I’m a big fan of SpotDraft! The SpotDraft platform and features are intuitive, making the contract process (mission-critical) more enjoyable.”
Cory L.
VP, Legal & Data Privacy Officer,
Buoy Health
“Great product with an outstanding team! SpotDraft is a very agile company who is hungry to build a category leading product. The product has huge potential.”
Xavier L.
General Counsel,
“SpotDraft’s extraction tool saves us at least 10-15 minutes per contract summary and allows us to house our contracts in one place.”
Aurora Pfeiffer
Founder & President,
Rolen Group