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Automate everything that slows down your contracts

SpotDraft is packed with features custom built for legal and business teams to collaborate. Bring in unmatched speed and quality to your contracts.
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Instant Creation

Contract Builder

Upload custom contract templates, edit and generate contracts in seconds.

Dynamic Clauses

Customize what can be changed in a contract with conditions and rules and have it automatically update throughout.

Conditional Workflows

Set up conditions and trigger approval or workflow processes for any contract based on them, automatically.

Native e-signature and integrations

Use SpotDraft’s unlimited, free legally valid and secure e-signatures, execute documents in a jiffy.

Tamper Proof Audit Trail

Tamper-proof your entire contract process with a detailed script of what changed, when and who changed any part of it.

Assisted Reviews

Definition Display

Assistive intelligence automatically extracts and displays definitions from contracts, in context, when you hover over any definition.
SpotDraft Contract Management Software

Error Checks

Repeated definitions, unused definitions, mismatch in definitions? With our catch-all error checker, reviewing has never been easier.

Version Control

With auto-save and edit history, you’ll never have to deal with multiple versions of the same contract again.

Edit History

Always know exactly what was edited in the contract document, when and by whom, in one comfortable view.


Collaborate with team members, or external stakeholders. Download contracts with comments for counterparty.

Smart Management

Notifications and Reminders

Get reminders for key dates and obligations, and notifications for contract edits, status changes and more.

Smart Search

Find any term, any clause in any contract with SpotDraft’s powerful search engine. Locate anything in seconds.


Retain complete control over all your contracts across different teams with a centralized view with the SpotDraft dashboard.

Bulk Import

Import historical contracts in one go and let our AI engine automatically extract metadata in minutes.

Summary View

Get critical data such as expiry date, deal value and more from our concise Contract Summary view.

Other features

Contract Campaigns

Mail-merge, now for your contracts! Send out template contracts to multiple counterparties in one click.

User Roles

Customize access to different users, and control what part of the contract they can modify.

Mobile friendly

Experience all of this - the most powerful contract automation - from any device of your choice!

Unlimited Storage

Store all your contracts - historical and present - within SpotDraft’s super secure cloud storage. All your documents at your fingertips.

100% secure

Ensure a safe environment for all your important legal documents with an enterprise-grade secure platform.

#1 CLM for fast growing companies

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