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We teamed up with In-House Connect to find out what in-house legal professionals earn in the US. We received over 850 responses, including nearly 30 Contract Managers.

In this post, we will break down the compensation for Contract Managers based on their: experience, gender, US location, industry, office setup, and company financing stage. 

Let's take a look.

On average, a Contract Manager makes USD 171,219

This number comprises base salary + bonuses + equity—averaged across locations, years of experience, genders, industries, office setups, and company financing stages.

In comparison, a Corporate Counsel’s compensation touches USD 217,865 and a Compliance Counsel’s compensation reaches USD 274,032, on average.

Salary components

Average base salary: USD 125,053

The average base salary forms the cornerstone of a Contract Manager's compensation.

This figure is 23% lower than the average base salary for a Corporate Counsel and 31% lower than the average base salary offered to a Compliance Counsel.

Average target bonus: USD 33,250

This figure is 44% higher than the average target bonus for a Corporate Counsel and 39% lower than the average bonus component offered to a Compliance Counsel.

Average equity component: USD 12,917

This figure is 60% lower than the average equity component for a Corporate Counsel and 67% lower than the amount offered to a Compliance Counsel.
Salary Components of a Contract Manager's Salary
As per our survey, the highest salary for a Contract Manager was found to be USD 740,000—including all components—in Los Angeles.

Salary insights by years of experience

As per our data, the average base salary increases as individuals gain more experience, peaking for people in the 16-20 years range.

Contract Manager Compensation by YOE
The average work experience among Contract Managers stood at 14 years.

Gender-based compensation for Contract Managers

Our findings point to an encouraging trend towards pay parity for Contract Managers, especially for the base component.

Contract Manager Compensation by Gender
On average, male Contract Managers get 7.5% higher salaries than their female counterparts.

Contract Manager compensation by location

Contract Manager salaries vary by location, highlighting the cost of living and the local demand for legal skills.

Los Angeles stood out as the location offering the highest base salaries for Contract Managers.
Contract Manager Compensation by Location

Industry influence on a Contract Manager’s compensation

Industries such as Technology and Healthcare stand out, especially when it comes to base and bonus components.

The data below showcases the substantial variability in Contract Manager salaries across sectors.

Contract Manager Compensation by Industry

The impact of office setup on salary

Below are the average compensation figures broken down by base salary, bonus, and stock components for three work arrangements: hybrid, on-site, and remote.

Contract Manager Compensation by Office Setup

Compensation based on the financing stage of a company

The average base compensation at different financing stages of a company offers insights into the changing dynamics of salary structures. From early-stage financing rounds to mature stages such as private equity ownership and public listing, the data sheds light on the varying compensation landscape.

Average Base Compensation by Company Financing Stage

Average bonus component

  1. Series A: USD 20,000
  2. Series B: USD 7,500
  3. Series C: USD 10,250
  4. Private: USD 99,924
  5. Private Equity Owned: USD 9,150
  6. Public: USD 20,438

Average stock component

  1. Series A: USD 20,000
  2. Series C: USD 25,000
  3. Private: USD 3,333
  4. Public: USD 21,667

Command higher salary packages as a Contract Manager

This report aims to provide valuable insights into compensation trends for Contract Managers in the US. 

By uncovering these insights, current and aspiring Contract Managers can navigate their career paths more effectively. The findings underscore the importance of various factors such as experience, gender, industry, office setup and company financing stage in shaping compensation.

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