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End-to-end contract management software

Streamline your contract processes with SpotDraft, from contract creation to post-execution tracking. Our contract management solution helps you:
Set up contract workflows and templates to automate contract creation
Simplify contract collaboration, negotiation, approvals, and signing to close deals 75% faster
Mitigate risks and avoid costly mistakes by reducing human error
Get greater visibility over contract data, track historical contracts, and access actionable insights
Secure best-in-class, dedicated customer support that gets you started on day 1
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“SpotDraft streamlines our workflows so we can focus on true legal requests, not the repetitive general requests that can be resolved via standard fallbacks and appropriate approvals. Everything simply works, the team is open to feedback, and the team is constantly improving the product!”
Taylor Smith
Contract Manager
Xavier L. -Beamery General Counsel
Great product with an outstanding team! SpotDraft is a very agile company who is hungry to build a category leading product. As a customer that comes across very positively. The product has a huge potential.
Xavier L.
General Counsel
Axelle -Consultant in Strategy of IDfy
SpotDraft provided the simplicity and flexibility we were looking for and the pricing is better compared to others. The first connection with the team felt more reassuring. They are extra, providing such a good support to clients.
Consultant in Strategy
Cory L. - VP, Legal & Data Privacy Officer of Bouy Health
I'm a big fan of SpotDraft! The SpotDraft platform and features are intuitive, making the contract process (mission-critical) more enjoyable. The UX is a delight. The SpotDraft team provides an excellent, collaborative service to support customers.
Cory L.
VP, Legal & Data Privacy Officer
Buoy Health
David Levanon - Senior Director and Head of Revenue Operations of Chargee
The SpotDraft team has been more than amazing in helping us evaluate their platform and getting it ready for launch. Their product answers our needs and requirements and will grow with us as we continue to scale our organization.
David Levanon
Senior Director and Head of Revenue Operations
Ben Bowden - COO and General Counsel of Zai
The specific problem we were looking to Spotdraft to solve was to provide a single, secure and easily searchable repository of all our contracts. Spotdraft has solved that problem for us. But it has also brought significant additional benefits, particularly around the execution of template contracts.
Ben Bowden
COO and General Counsel

All-in-one solution to manage contract processes

Dramatically decrease the time you spend creating, reviewing, sending, tracking, and signing contracts with SpotDraft’s end-to-end CLM solution.

Spend 80% less time on paperwork

SpotDraft’s been proven to eliminate inefficiencies and decrease the time spent on manual paperwork, whether that’s by templatizing high-volume contracts, generating instant custom reports that would otherwise take hours, or automatically sending reminders for key dates.
SpotDraft helped us reduce turnaround times for contract execution and provided end-to-end template workflows to automate contract creation, approvals, and signatures. It also helps with obligation management by sending automated reminders and notifications on key dates.

G2 Reviewer

Find historical contracts in seconds

By hosting all your contracts, supporting documents, and key data in one centralized repository, legal teams can create a single source of truth and let go of disorganized contract storage and tracking processes.
We used to house our contracts in many different locations and did not have any process for drafting or standardizing the customization of contract templates. We are now able to standardize our risk and centralize our contract repository to one easy-to-find location.

Jamie H., Head of Legal

Close deals 75% faster

Automating routine tasks like creating contracts from pre-approved templates allows business teams to execute contracts faster and involve the legal team only where necessary – while also ensuring 100% compliance.
Contract management has become much easier, freeing our legal team's time to deal with other matters. Our sales team now gets deals done quickly without referring all contracts to the legal team.

Mercedes C., Legal Advisor
Mitigate risk by creating guardrails

Redline contracts 50% quicker

Say goodbye to time-consuming redline processes. With AI-assisted reviews and automated version control, creating and reviewing contracts, collaborating to execute them, and tracking audit history have never been more efficient.
SpotDraft helped us improve our TAT for creating contracts. It provides great features for approvals, redlining, and e-signature which pretty much covers the lifecycle of contracting for us.

Ankur M., Senior Product Manager

How contract management with SpotDraft empowers legal teams

Templatize high-volume business contracts
Create standardized, pre-vetted templates that the business teams can use without legal intervention to close deals faster.
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Set pre-defined approval and signing workflows
Streamline contracting tasks by creating automated contract workflows that span creation to post-execution of contracts.
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Create a single source of truth for contracts
Centralize your contract repository for immediate access to historical contracts, key data, related documents, and more.
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Quickly identify and eliminate bottlenecks
Leverage data-driven insights to gain better visibility over your contracting processes, identify bottlenecks, and improve your team’s productivity.
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Integrate with your entire tech stack
Leverage your tech stack with a contract management software that integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot, eSignature platforms, and more.
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Pull up custom contract reports in seconds
Get instant access to important contract data and generate custom reports to find the answers you’re looking for.
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Bulk-send personalized contracts to multiple parties
Generate contracts in bulk within minutes with SpotDraft’s contract campaigns feature, from employee agreements and offer letters to invoices, procurement contracts, and more
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Collect signatures natively within the platform
Forget the inefficiencies of the traditional signing process and leverage SpotDraft’s powerful e-signature tools to collect encrypted, fully compliant signatures digitally.
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