Global Disruptions and Contract Management: A Guide for In-House Counsel

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Global disruptions impact businesses' day-to-day functioning and affect contracts. They often result in a renegotiation of existing terms and agreements, or contracts not being fulfilled or terminated, causing a financial risk to the organization.This white paper outlines a framework for in-house legal counsel to risk-proof their future and legacy contracts amid such situations. The paper also highlights how contract management software helps in-house legal teams manage crises faster.

What’s covered:

  • Combat and Conflict: Contract Management During Times Of Crisis
  • Plagues & Pandemics: Contracts & Covid
  • Inflation & The Global Economy: Drafting Contracts To Withstand Change
  • Why Uncertain Times require Careful Contract Drafting
  • Contract Lifecycle Management Software Helps In-House Counsel Manage Crisis Quickly

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