NDA Negotiation Playbook Template

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NDAs are one of the most commonly used contracts by businesses - and are also often one of the most negotiated contracts. Using this playbook, legal teams can approach the negotiations methodically and templatize the process for faster turnaround times. In this template, you will find an end-to-end playbook to negotiate NDAs which can be adapted to negotiate any other contract type as well. The playbook includes:

  • An exhaustive list of key clauses that need to be reviewed
  • Classification between negotiation position as a recipient or discloser of confidential information
  • Simple language explanation of key clauses so that business teams can understand the relevance and significance of the clause
  • Standard and fallback positions for each clause
  • Recommended approval workflows for deviations
  • Sample standard clauses for easy copy and pasting

With some additional work - this NDA playbook template can also be adapted to work with any other contract type you need.

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