When to Buy a CLM Solution and How to Acquire Budget and Buy-In

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Legal teams at growing companies are usually fighting against the clock to help business teams close contracts. The reason is simple – the number of contracts your team handles keeps increasing as the business grows but more often than not, your team size stays the same. Not only does this overburden your team, but it can also have serious implications - missing critical deadlines, losing revenue targets, goof-ups in business-critical deals, and more. The responsibility to foresee and mitigate these outcomes falls on your shoulders, and investing in a CLM solution is one of the easiest ways to do so.

This guide is designed to help you figure out:

  • Whether you need a CLM or not,
  • How to acquire buy-in and the budget for a CLM solution
  • What to consider when buying a CLM solution, and
  • Offer alternatives in case you don’t need one right now
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