Workflow Manager

Mission Control for your Contracts

Workflow Manager simplifies complex contracting operations by enabling you to easily build and launch processes for contraction creation, review, approvals and signatures using a zero-code, self-serve interface.

Stop counting hours and make the hours count instead

Automate with ease

No-code, rules-based, self-serve platform that manages contract processes from inception to execution.

Be more agile and ship faster

With Workflow Manager, users can easily reiterate contract processes — fine-tune templates, approval routing, and information collection – and ship faster.

Accelerate negotiations

Streamline new contract creation, intake, approvals, and signatures to avoid wasted time.

Full control at your fingertips

Control your process start-to-end

Consolidate all contract requests in a single central hub, engage the appropriate teams for approvals and signatures, and monitor the contract's journey.

Your own guard rails

1:1 Contract Workflows work precisely how you want them to, with complete access control and policy readiness, so no one skips any crucial step.

Fully customizable workflows

Leverage highly customizable workflows to create bespoke contracts for all business and legal use cases.

Powerful Workflows for all your contracts

Template contracts

Generate new contracts with a pre-approved template with this workflow with deep approval routing capabilities.

Contract campaigns

Mass-deploy dynamic contracts – tailor terms instantly based on counterparty details with bulk contract workflows.

Express contracts

Instantly generate contracts, that are pre-approved, auto-signed by contract owners and shareable via public links.

Third-party paper

Seamlessly collect third-party contracts with intuitive intake forms for both internal and external parties.

Upload and Sign

Signature-ready contract upload workflow that allows you to incorporate intake forms for contextual data.

Works with all your tools

SpotDraft’s integration and APIs sync data in real-time for accurate and secure contracting – compatible with all your platforms that ties into legal processes.

Speed up deals

Initiate contracts directly from CRMs using SpotDraft. Automatically activate workflows for contract requests, all from your dashboard.

Bring your favorite tools along

We have 30+ pre-built integration – like Salesforce and WorkDay – that make setup completely painless. Even for large teams.

Improve productivity

Effortlessly onboard customers and manage policies with SpotDraft's top-notch CRM and HRIS integrations. Automate your legal processes seamlessly across all tools.

Untangle your contract processes

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Bring your favoriSpotDraft’s platform is built with cutting-edge security and compliance in mind, ensuring that your sensitive data and contracts are always safe and secure.te tools along

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