Elevate Contracting with SpotDraft AI

With SpotDraft AI, gain new insights and unlock opportunities hidden within your contracts, to accelerate your business and stay ahead of the competition.
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Experience the future of contracting with SpotDraft AI

Turn any document into a contract
Get your contract templates ready to roll on Day 1 and start reaping the benefits right away!
Your AI-powered contract assistant
Understand every clause, ensure compliance, make informed choices, and enhance collaboration with precise data insights.
Contract data at your fingertips
Extract critical insights from your complex contracts, empowering you to easily make better decisions for your organization.
Work smarter with streamlined reviews
Compare clauses, redline contracts, and make quick changes.  Contract review made lightning fast!

Convert Word Docs to Templates Using AI

SpotDraft AI transforms any document into a SpotDraft template with zero coding knowledge and under 5 minutes.
Automatically identify variable text in contracts
Intelligently assigns types to customizable elements
Generates a ready-to-use questionnaire for immediate use

Unlock AI-Powered Contract Insights

Streamline contract insights with SpotDraft AI for compliance, informed decisions & teamwork. Pick contracts, ask in plain English, and get fast, precise answers.
Intelligently analyze each clause to interpret its purpose and intent
Provide detailed answers to every question you ask
Provide a detailed, sharable report over email

Automatically Extract Contract Data

SpotDraft’s AI-powered repository uses optical character recognition (OCR) to automatically extract key contract data for easy access and understanding.
Auto-tag and categorize uploaded contracts
Detect 500+ unique key pointers, such as contract terms, dates, counterparties, and contract value
Provide clear justifications with relevant contract text to identify crucial information

Review Contracts 5x Faster

SpotDraft AI layered on the Microsoft Word editor allows you to collaborate and review contracts up to 5 times faster.
Compare specific clauses to past variations across your entire contract library
Make quick changes based on suggested variations
Redline contracts faster by focusing on only what matters

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