Elevate Contracting
with SpotDraft AI

SpotDraft AI helps you unlock a new level of productivity, and gain valuable insights from your contracts.

Experience the future of contracting with SpotDraft AI

Instant Contract Template Creation
Turn your Word docs into SpotDraft templates on Day 1, so you can start reaping the benefits right away!
Due diligence made easy
Conduct comprehensive due diligence on multiple contracts at once, and reduce hours of review to minutes.
Contract data at your fingertips
Smart Data Capture allows you to extract critical insights from your contracts, empowering better decisions across your organization.

Convert Word Docs to Contract Templates with Draftmate AI

Turn any document into a SpotDraft contract template in under 5 minutes, using our Microsoft Word plugin - Draftmate AI. Zero coding knowledge required.
Automatically identify variable text in contracts
Intelligently assigns types to customizable elements
Generates a ready-to-use questionnaire for immediate use

Turn Hours of due diligence into Minutes

Ask SpotDraft AI questions about batches of contracts in plain english, for instant insights.
Potential use cases include -
Instantly finding out if your contracts can be assigned during a company acquisition.
Ask: “Can the acquired company assign its contracts to the acquiring company?”
Checking IP rights and change of control provisions.
Ask: “What happens to the IP rights under the MSA after an acquisition?”
Understanding post-acquisition obligations, rights, and permissions.
Ask: “Does the MSA contain a clause that would trigger any rights or obligations in an acquisition?”

Smart Data Capture

SpotDraft’s AI-powered repository uses large language models (LLMs) to automatically capture key information from your contracts, for easy access and understanding.
Detect 1,000+ unique key pointers across contracts such as dates, currencies, durations, counterparties, and more
Include justifications with relevant contract text, so you can quickly verify key information
Generate precise contract summaries to identify data trends and facilitate decision-making