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Big news! We're thrilled to share that Akshay Verma, the former legal ops director at Meta and Coinbase, is now part of the SpotDraft as our Chief Operating Officer.

Akshay isn't just another high-flyer. His work reshaped the way Meta and Coinbase handled their legal operations. And now, he's set to bring that same spark of innovation to SpotDraft.

Why Akshay?

Experience: Akshay's journey is impressive. From Meta to Coinbase, he's been the brain behind massive team management and legal ops strategies.

Vision: He's got an eye for the future. His knack for seeing beyond the horizon will steer SpotDraft to new heights.

Growth: He's all about scaling up. With Akshay on board, we're not just growing; we're evolving.

"Akshay's deep dive into legal ops is just what we need. SpotDraft aims to free legal teams from mind-numbing drudgery. With Akshay, we're going to build this future faster."

~ Shashank Bijapur, CEO, SpotDraft

Akshay's equally pumped about joining us.

"SpotDraft's dynamism is contagious. I'm here to scale operations and tackle the challenges of a fast-paced market. It's an adventure I'm ready for."

~ Akshay Verma, COO, SpotDraft

What's next?

With Akshay's arrival, we're not just stepping; we're leaping into an exciting phase at SpotDraft. Here's what's on the horizon:

  • Fine-tuned operations: We're getting even better at what we do.
  • Strategic direction: We're sharpening our focus, aiming higher.
  • Collaboration: More minds, more ideas, more innovation.

Join us

We're on the brink of something special. And we're hiring.

If you're ready to be part of a team that's reshaping the world of contract management, SpotDraft is your stage. We're looking for thinkers, innovators, and go-getters.

Visit our careers page or shoot us an email at Let's make legal work less work, together.

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