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For a customer, a vendor, or an employee - it’s a single moment. One-click, barely a moment in their daily digital journey. They skim the small print, tick the ‘I Agree’ box, and move on. It’s so simple. But peel back that simplicity, and there's a complex labyrinth for businesses. 

Clickthroughs are more than just tiny boxes; they are legally binding agreements, the weight of which falls squarely on companies. They’re entangled with risk, complexity, and added costs. In the courtroom, the onus falls on the companies to prove the customer’s consent. Clickthrough agreements need to be well-displayed, easy to comprehend, and aligned with the latest regulations while unequivocally documenting consent. 

How do you do all that? In the past, you spent hundreds of developer hours building an expensive, custom internal solution that didn’t scale. Or worse, you created thousands of standard form agreements, sent them back and forth, negotiated and redlined, and finally chased signatures before storing them somewhere random. Sounds like a nightmare right? We’re about to change all that.

Introducing: SpotDraft Clickthrough 

SpotDraft Clickthrough is your new best friend, as you navigate the Clickthrough terrain. It allows you to capture customer consent to standard terms while adding a fresh layer of transparency and assurance to the. Here's the best part: It accomplishes all these while: 

  • Reducing costs 
  • Mitigating legal and financial risk, and 
  • Enhancing the experience for customers and companies alike 

With Clickthrough, we're clearing the fog around consent and evidence. As the business landscape becomes increasingly digital, legal, financial, and reputational risks loom larger than ever before. Inaccurate Clickthrough agreements, or a confusing acceptance process, can result in disputes, fines, and dwindling customer trust. 

Clickthrough lets you tailor the layout and acceptance options to offer an intuitive user experience while complying with specific regulatory requirements such as ESIGN and EIDAS. What's more, it empowers users to read the entire agreement before accepting it.

Audit Trails

Just like SpotDraft’s flagship CLM, Clickthrough provides comprehensive audit trails in the Certificate of Completion, which records the date, time, and other critical consent evidence. This is where Clickthrough truly stands out. The detailed evidence provided by Clickthrough makes demonstrating compliance with ESIGN, eIDAS, and other legal standards a breeze, even in a court of law.

When it comes to deployment, Clickthrough is all about ease and speed. In a few minutes, you can produce a code snippet that can be effortlessly embedded into your website or portal. This doesn't just save time – it removes unnecessary stress from your development teams. 

Real-time Terms Updates

Clickthrough takes things a step further. When you update your agreement terms, you won't have to tinker with HTML code thanks to our HTML editor. With it, you can make real-time changes effortlessly. The original code will automatically display the latest version of your terms, providing a seamless update experience. We can hear the sigh of relief from your IT and development teams already! 

Clickthrough Repository

We’re not done. Clickthrough is also your dedicated archivist. It meticulously stores all your executed Clickthrough agreements in one secure place, offering powerful search and reporting capabilities to keep a close eye on exactly who agreed to what and when. In a world where terms and policies change at a breakneck pace, keeping consent in step with the latest set of terms can be a logistical nightmare. But Clickthrough has it handled. It takes care of everything – from editing the agreement text to securing updated customer consent, all while maintaining meticulous records.

Get Started with SpotDraft Clickthrough

SpotDraft Clickthrough - the evolved Clickthrough solution designed for the business of today. It doesn’t just tick the boxes; Clickthrough provides a seamless, efficient, and secure experience for everyone involved.

Want to learn more about SpotDraft Clickthrough? Check out this page!

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