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Signing documents with an Aadhaar eSignature is a simple process that takes about one minute to complete. These signatures are legally valid, easy to use, and as of today, they can be collected via SpotDraft.

We’re building SpotDraft for the world, and a big part of that is building the solutions our customers need, wherever they are. Aadhar eSignatures have quickly become essential for our Indian customers, and might be one of the most frequently requested features ever at SpotDraft. We’re delighted to announce that it’s finally here. 

With this important addition to our eSigning product portfolio, we’re a little bit closer to our aim of being the single best end-to-end contracting platform in India (and the world!).

What are Aadhar eSignatures?

Aadhaar eSignatures are a government prescribed electronic signing tool designed to make it easier for Indian citizens to sign documents digitally. All it requires is an Aadhaar number and a linked mobile number or email address. 

While our native eSign service at SpotDraft is legally valid, Aadhar based eSignatures add an extra layer of security and verification. The infrastructure is powered by qualified Certifying Authorities (CA) who have been certified by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). This means that the Aadhar number can be used as a singular unique identifier to authenticate a signatory and verify their identity. 

Using Aadhar eSignatures on SpotDraft

Enabling businesses to streamline their contracting remains is our priority at SpotDraft. As an existing customer, you can start using Aadhar eSignatures in your workspace immediately - reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager to learn more. 

If you’re interested in learning more about SpotDraft, click here to book a demo.

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