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We’re opening up our roadmap.

At SpotDraft, we’re committed to the fundamental belief that we will make better decisions, faster if we build our product transparently and in collaboration with our customers. 

Our early customers played a huge role in helping SpotDraft become the well-loved product it is today, and we’re excited to continue further along that journey together.

Today, we’re delighted to open up our roadmap to the public. With this new approach, we want to actively engage with our customers on what we’re building next, and why. More importantly, we want to hear your feedback, and how we can make your lives easier.

Over the last year, we’ve shipped a ton of features that we’re really proud of, including:

  • Draftmate, our self-serve approach to setting up your own templates;
  • Activity Log, to support better collaboration across your company;
  • Native Integrations across platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Gmail among others

Going forward, we want the evolution of SpotDraft to feel like less of a ‘black box’, and more of an innovative, exciting environment that we’re building collaboratively.

What you can expect

Our roadmap is a list of features, improvements and ideas that our team will be working on in the next few months. We’ll tell you which part of the contracting journey it benefits (Create, Manage, Review, Sign), and when we’re expecting it to launch. 

We’ve divided the roadmap into 3 major buckets - Ideas, Planning and In Progress. It’s entirely possible that we’re working on things in all these areas simultaneously, but the stage an item is in should give you an idea of when we expect to release it to the world. If something is ‘In Progress’, you should expect to see it soon!

We will update this roadmap at the beginning of every quarter and transparently share progress as features go live.

The benefits of transparency

Building transparently has no downside. By opening our roadmap up externally, we want to:

  • Drive value: Collaborating openly with our customers will help us deliver that value so much better, and think even more deeply about what we build.
  • Co-create with our customers: Your feedback will help us build SpotDraft in a way that helps you succeed.
  • Challenge ourselves: By publicly displaying what we’re building, we’ll challenge ourselves to build the best product possible, and help move our industry forward as a whole.

Does the roadmap show everything?

At the moment, our roadmap only shows items that:

  1. Deliver direct value to our customers, or;
  2. Have a meaningful impact on SpotDraft’s mission as a whole

There’s a lot more work going on in the background, that makes a tremendous difference to elevating your SpotDraft experience. We decided to focus on the two pillars above, to make it easier for our customers to find the features that matter to them most.

Over to you!

Check out our roadmap here.

Our team is excited to continue building the product with you, and we’re looking forward to collaborating. 

If you'd like to provide feedback on our roadmap, please submit an idea, or feel free to comment on any individual roadmap items. We value all feedback and promise to take it into consideration when prioritising items on our roadmap.

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