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August is wrapped up, and so are our product updates from August. Let’s quickly dive in!

Say Hello to the new SpotDraft Navigation!

We’ve completely revamped SpotDraft’s in-app navigation, making it remarkably intuitive and user-friendly. With thoroughly grouped, streamlined menus and clear icons, getting around SpotDraft is simpler and a breeze.

The new navigation experience is available to all SpotDraft users starting this week. Go check it out.

Improved UI on SpotDraft

Additionally, we've introduced refined UI updates to the dashboard, featuring fresh status icons that allow you to pinpoint the stage of a contract effortlessly. We've also optimized user element spacing on smaller screens for enhanced clarity and visibility.

Convert PDF Contracts to DOCX Contracts

All SpotDraft users can now convert PDF Contracts to DOCX, which allows you and your team to edit or iterate contracts directly on SpotDraft.

And don’t worry; once you’ve made changes, you can re-export them as PDF contracts or share them directly using SpotDraft with your team or counterparties for review and signatures.

Check out the interactive tour.

Improvements to Salesforce and SpotDraft Integration

We’ve added new capabilities to the SpotDraft integration with your Salesforce account:

  • Void Contract Directly on Salesforce - If an opportunity has fallen through or gets paused, you can Void the contract.
  • Refresh Contract Data in Salesforce - Now, you can refresh SpotDraft data to resync the latest details from SFDC to SpotDraft at the click of a button.

Other Updates

There are a bunch of product improvements that are now live on SpotDraft.

  • Filter your contract repository by signatories – SpotDraft users can now filter their repository or contracts by specific signatories.
  • Standardized Contract Title formats – We've introduced a new feature that allows users to set the contract title format for third-party contract uploads. This enables users to establish a preset format for better visibility.

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