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We had an action-packed July, where we shipped some of the most requested updates from SpotDraft users. Here are the new updates and releases for SpotDraft.

Do more with Approval Actions

Approval Actions for SpotDraft

We are introducing a self-serve setup for actions allowed during approvals. Now you can directly allow actions such as:

  • Mark for execution
  • Upload
  • Download
  • Send to Counterparty

The new setup allows you to set up action controls for all approvals for a given contract type, rather than setting this up per contract, saving time and manual effort.

Additionally, you can add exempted users to actions that are universally blocked during approvals. This means the selected user can perform certain actions and bypass universal blocks to the action.

Please reach out to your CSM for access.

Threaded conversations for Contract Activity Log

Exciting news! We're thrilled to introduce Threaded Conversations for your Contract Activity Logs, providing a more organized and streamlined communication experience.

With Threaded conversations, users can now engage and reply to select messages within the Activity Log. Users will also be notified of new comments via email when there is new activity in any conversation that they are mentioned in.

Please reach out to your CSM for access.

Contract Reports Get New Capabilities

We have introduced a few nifty improvements to reports for your contracts.

  • Generate Reports for Specific Contracts – SpotDraft has introduced a streamlined report generation process, making it effortless for users to download reports for specific contracts. Simply select the contracts on the grid and click the "Generate Report" button. This eliminates the need for applying multiple filters, saving users time and effort.
  • Generate Reports in your Preferred Format - SpotDraft now allows you to generate contract reports in your preferred manner, either in a single sheet or separated by contract types. You can easily choose your preferred report structure, and it will be saved for future downloads.

This is available to all SpotDraft users.

Copy/Paste from Spreadsheets to SpotDraft Dynamic Table

SpotDraft users can now easily copy and paste multiple rows from their internal spreadsheets directly onto the Dynamic Table.

The feature automatically adds rows as needed and pre-fills data like date formats, currency, and phone number codes. Enjoy a seamless experience and fill up your Dynamic Tables in a fraction of the time!

Please reach out to your CSM for access.

Other Updates

There are a bunch of product improvements that are now live on SpotDraft.

  • Archive Contract Types on SpotDraft – SpotDraft now allows users to archive unused contract types with a single click.

  • Standardized Contract Title formats – We've introduced a new feature that allows users to set the contract title format for third-party contract uploads. This enables users to establish a preset format for better visibility.

Please reach out to your CSM for access.

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