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Workflow Manager: Available to all SpotDraft Users

We’re excited to announce that Workflow Manager is now available to all SpotDraft users who use the platform to manage their legal processes. 

Workflow Manager is a self-serve tool that allows SpotDraft users to manage and create workflows with a step-by-step rule-based workflow builder that’s highly intuitive to use. 

Learn more here -  Workflow Manager and Workflows on SpotDraft

ICYMI: VerifAI by SpotDraft is here!

VerifAI is a Microsoft Word Add-in by SpotDraft that helps you review contracts faster. It uses generative AI to review contracts against your personal guidelines and answer open-ended questions.

You can use VerifAI for free until 30 November 2023. Get access here. 

Editor 2.0: SpotDraft’s Editing Experience Gets Huge Updates

Your contract editing and saving interactions will soon see a significant UX improvement. We're introducing significant updates to the in-app contract editor by SpotDraft:

  • Updated DraftMate Add-in for SpotDraft: Enhances collaboration with revamped commenting and mentioning.
  • Improved Contract-Saving: Redesigned interface with autosave ensures access to the latest versions.

Learn more about this here. 

Improvements to SpotDraft Clickthrough

 🚀 Introducing Clickthrough's Separate Repository View in SpotDraft!

Clickthrough contracts are now distinct from daily contracts in SpotDraft, with dedicated search and reporting for efficient management.

🔄 Introducing Clickthrough Re-Acceptance Feature!

Users can now obtain re-acceptance for the current agreement version, including from those who consented to past versions. The SDK offers acceptance tracking, allowing for notifications on updates, and simplifies specifying re-acceptance for the latest version anytime.

Lex by SpotDraft: Professional services, on demand!

We’ve just launched our new professional services arm, Lex - a team of 100+ vetted legal professionals you can access on demand to execute legal tasks swiftly, efficiently, and at a fraction of the cost. Think:

  • Contract Creation: drafts, templates, renewals, addendums, and playbooks.
  • Negotiation and Execution: review and redline, e-signatures, estamping.
  • Administration: access control, workflow management, contract data management, reminders, and reporting.
  • CLM Adoption: requirements gathering, cross-team collaboration, help desk, training, plan,  delivery, and go-live.

Enhanced by our AI, the Lex team can complete tasks as fast as 24 hours, starting from just $49/hr.

Learn more here.

Other Updates

  1. Bulk Invite users to SpotDraft – Introducing a new intuitive UI for bulk invites: enter details individually or copy-paste from a spreadsheet to invite a few or many users to your workspace.
  2. Checkboxes with Signature – SpotDraft users can now collect signatures with an option to add checkbox fields while sending contracts for signatures. 

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