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We’ve had an exciting September, and here are the new updates from SpotDraft.

Improved User Experience while Saving Edited Contracts on  SpotDraft

Your contract editing and saving interactions will soon see a significant UX improvement. We're introducing UX improvements to help you and your teammates identify contract edit sessions in progress and display prompts when your latest edits are saved in-app after you're done.

These changes are coming soon and will be rolled out to our users in the coming weeks. You can learn more about this by checking this article

ICYMI: SpotDraft Clickthrough is here!

SpotDraft Clickthrough is finally here! 

Clickthrough is the the fastest and easiest way to collect consent and manage terms for standard form agreements like Privacy policy, Terms and Conditions, etc.

Now, collect legally binding contract acceptance for standard form agreements with:

  • Reduced costs, 
  • Lowered legal and financial risk, and 
  • Enhanced experience for customers and companies alike.

Check out SpotDraft Clickthrough here.

Improvements to Email Experience on SpotDraft

Soon, you will be introduced to a new in-app email experience on SpotDraft. The new updates will enable SpotDraft users to:

  • Choose between a standard template or custom text email formats
  • Record emails sent and their responses on the contract's Activity Log.
  • Upload attachments received over email as supporting documents, updated contract versions, or for comparison - from your Activity Log.
  • Use the contract's unique email address to email your Activity log.

You can check out the entire upcoming updates here

New Prepare for Sign Flow changes

We have updated the first step from "Add recipient" to "Manage Recipient." This would allow users to perform more actions, such as setting the sign service and sign order and adding recipients. 

  • Users can now directly select signatories from a dropdown and assign fields to them in a new "assign fields" step. This happens immediately after the first step.
  • Additionally, we've streamlined the UI buttons with more descriptive call-to-actions. This modification aims to make the step-by-step process more transparent for users.

Now Archive Counterparties in Your Workspace

During contract creation, users often unintentionally create multiple variations of the same entity, leading to a cluttered list of counterparties. To combat this, we've introduced a feature to archive counterparties, streamlining your workspace and ensuring accurate contract initiation.

Please note that this feature will be phased to our users to ensure a smooth transition for all SpotDraft users.

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