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SpotDraft's CRM integration overview

Contract management can be a headache for growing businesses. This becomes even worse when different teams use multiple tools and platforms, leading to fragmented data and inefficiencies. Integrating different platforms has become a crucial step for companies looking to streamline their workflows and automate tedious tasks. It's an essential ingredient to building a successful business.

We recognize this at SpotDraft, and are delighted to announce that we’ve integrated with Salesforce and HubSpot to help businesses automate their contract creation and management processes. 

Our integrations enable users to create and send pre-vetted contracts within the platform they already use daily, with just a few clicks.

Customers can now empower their business teams with easier and faster contracting by using SpotDraft with their CRM - all without introducing a new tool for them to learn and adopt. 

A quick look at the features

Here is a closer look at a few features that have enabled our customers to create contracts and proposals 2x faster via Salesforce and HubSpot:

  1. Create contracts with CRM data: Templatize your standard contracts along with relevant fallback clauses, based on triggers defined by you. Every deal’s variables can be mapped from Salesforce and HubSpot to populate automatically onto this standard draft. Our goal is to help you generate error free contracts within minutes. 
  2. Effortless collaboration: Automate approval routing, or upload new contract versions in a few clicks, SpotDraft has you covered. Send contracts to your internal teams for approvals and redlining, and keep all the stakeholders notified - all without leaving your CRM.
  3. Bi-directional data sync: Our integration gives CRM users instant visibility into all current and legacy contracts associated with deals/opportunities, and provides real-time status updates and a live link to the contracts on SpotDraft.
  4. Request signatures: SpotDraft assigns signature fields to your standard contract drafts, so you can send them for execution in a few clicks on your CRM.

To learn more about our integrations, check out our listing on the Salesforce AppExchange and HubSpot Marketplace, or talk to your dedicated Customer Success Manager.