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The world of contracts is a complex one, with several simultaneous tasks and responsibilities vying for our attention. It can be overwhelming at times, leaving us feeling like we're constantly spinning our wheels without making much progress.

In a situation where it's easy to get lost in the shuffle, at SpotDraft, we want to help you stay grounded, and focused on what's important.

Introducing: Task Center 

Brand new on SpotDraft, Task Center is designed to help you take control of your to-do list, and approach your work with purpose and intention.

Task Center is a powerful addition that helps you stay organized and streamline your contract related tasks. Additionally, you can use it for any to-do items your legal team needs to stay on top of. From tracking deadlines to renewal reminders, we’ve got you covered.

You can also collaborate with other teams on SpotDraft and track progress in one central location with Task Center. Easily assign tasks to different teams like Sales, HR or Finance and avoid the hassle of back-and-forth emails. 


Enabling businesses to streamline their contracts remains our priority at SpotDraft. As an existing customer, you can start using Task Center in your workspace immediately - reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager to learn more. 

If you’re interested in learning more about SpotDraft, click here to book a demo.