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Simplify the data in your contracts

use SpotDraft's data-driven insights to optimize your contract lifecycle
It is vital for a GC to position and exhibit the team’s work in terms of value or ROI. Effective business-friendly communication is an indispensable skill for a GC so that the business appreciates your team’s work. That usually comes down to numbers, charts, and graphs. You have to learn to speak their language.”
Sterling Miller | CEO of Hilgers Graben PLLCSterling Miller
CEO of Hilgers Graben PLLC
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What is SpotInsights?

A one of its kind dashboard categorically built for legal teams - SpotInsights is a feature to help anyone working with contracts, put data at the centre of their decision making process.
Contracts are the most undervalued source of data in any organisation - however, 100% of the money that enters or leaves an organization is because someone agreed to a contract.

Diverse out of the box visualizations

to help in-house legal teams build a data first culture. If you can visualise it, you can optimise it.
SpotDraft Contract Insights

Demonstrate value of legal in business with data

by highlighting the impact of legal’s performance, across org-wide contracts.

Increase your deal velocity with data backed insights

and have a direct impact on the bottom line.

From optimising ROI to reducing time on every contract

you can now finally put your faith in numbers. Even monitor how you fare against industry standards.

How can I use it?

SpotInsights is now available to be purchased as an add-on with Spotdraft’s platform subscription. Request a demo to visualize the data within your contract lifecycle.