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In today's business landscape, any money in or out of an organization is because a contract was signed, and contracts encompass financial transactions, legal obligations, and commitments that can cause economic turmoil to an organization if tampered with.

We recognize this at SpotDraft; we strive to build a CLM solution that is best in class and an easy-to-use eSigning solution bespoke for a seamless signing experience for modern business teams. SpotDraft's eSigning solution is not just compliant with multiple regulations, allowing our users to sign legally binding contracts globally but also enjoy a powerful yet easy-to-use user experience.

Enhanced eSigning Experience

Here are some of the key features that empower modern business teams to sign contracts with ease and confidence:

1. Adaptable Signatures: Our eSignature solution offers flexible signature options, including text box, handwritten, and click-to-sign, ensuring legal validity, accommodating personal preferences, and streamlining the signing process across multiple file formats such as Word, PDF, or via a URL.

2. End-to-end encryption- To enhance security, every contract that you share with signatories is encrypted from end to end. This ensures that your sensitive data remains secure from creation to signature, providing peace of mind and maintaining the confidentiality of your documents.

3. Add Multiple Signatories: Enjoy the convenience of Adding as many signatories as you require to a contract, and specify the order you need them to sign.

4. Setup Customised Workflows- Set your own eSignatures conditions and approval workflow to collect signatures from different parties at the right moment.

5. Auto-Add Signatures: SpotDraft's intuitive algorithm automatically adds internal signatures for bulk contracts like NDAs, MSAs, etc., so you can focus on more critical projects.

6. Seamless Mobile Signing: With SpotDraft, users can enjoy a smooth signing workflow right from the palm of their hand, allowing them to sign documents effortlessly from anywhere, anytime.

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Fortified Compliances

eSigning tools offer enhanced safety, efficiency, and convenience compared to traditional wet signatures. They provide cost savings, confidentiality, and streamlined processes, enabling business teams to sign contracts with confidence and ease. However, it is crucial for in-house legal counsels to ensure that their chosen eSigning tool is fully compliant with relevant regulations. Non-compliance can lead to challenges in legal settings, invalidation of contracts, and potential penalties. Here's how SpotDraft ensures compliance while prioritizing a seamless user experience:

1. Unparalleled Compliance: Ensure contract signing with confidence using SpotDraft's eSigning solution. SpotDraft  a 100% compliant experience by meticulously adhering to ESIGN (USA), eIDAS (Europe), and ECA (UK) regulations. With SpotDraft, you can sign contracts knowing that your electronic signatures are recognized and upheld globally.

2. Comprehensive Audit Trails: SpotDraft's eSigning solution captures a detailed audit trail of every action, creating a comprehensive record from contract creation to execution. Timestamps, user details, IP addresses, activities, and changes are logged, ensuring transparency, security, and accountability. The comprehensive audit trails serve compliance, safety, and evidentiary purposes, instilling trust in the integrity of electronically signed contracts.

3. Certifying Authority Certificates (CACs): SpotDraft’s native eSigning tool offers Certified Authority Certificates (CACs)which provide a cryptographic credential that ensures the signer's identity and safeguards the integrity of the signed document. By embedding the certificate within the electronic signature, CACs enable easy verification of the signer's identity, document integrity, and the validity of the electronic signature. With CACs, you can gain an extra layer of trust and assurance, enhancing the legal compliance of their electronic signatures.

4. Advanced Cryptographic Encryption: SpotDraft secures your executed contracts with advanced cryptographic encryption. It utilizes a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) from industry-leading provider Entrust, ensuring the integrity of your contracts. As part of the list of Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) vendors, Entrust enables users to use Adobe Acrobat to verify if the contract has been tampered with after execution, providing enhanced security and peace of mind.

Key Takeaways

SpotDraft's cutting-edge eSigning tool provides a secure platform for digitally signing contracts while adhering to airtight compliance regulations. The AI-driven solution offers multiple signing formats, including text boxes and handwritten signatures.SpotDraft, allows you to sign agreements from anywhere, anytime, using your mobile devices. The tool supports multiple signatories and allows you to customize your workflows, ensuring a user-friendly and convenient experience. With robust global compliance regulations and features such as Certifying Authority Certificates (CACs), comprehensive audit trails, and advanced cryptographic encryption, SpotDraft assures peace of mind and utmost confidentiality when signing contracts.

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