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Here are the new updates and releases for SpotDraft. 

Introducing Quick Access: SpotDraft Navigation sees substantial enhancements!

In-app searches and actions in SpotDraft get much easier with our newest release – Quick Access.

Quick Access accelerates your contract process swiftly by letting you compose contracts, retrieve contract metadata, add tags, share contracts with a counterparty, and navigate through  contracts all without lifting your fingers off the keyboard. 

Quick Access by SpotDraft

With Quick Access, you can enjoy the following benefits -

  1. Instant Access: Get the necessary information in seconds.
  2. Quick Results: Displays real-time search results, so you don't have to wait to find what you're looking for.
  3. Easy Navigation: Easy to navigate the SpotDraft platform, even if you're unfamiliar with it.

All you need to do is hit a simple key combination – Cmd + K or Ctrl + K. 

Learn more about Quick Access here.

Outlook and Gmail SpotDraft Plugin Updates

We have introduced many capabilities and improvements to our email plugins for Outlook and Gmail.

SpotDraft email plugin updates

Here’s what you need to know once you update your plugins –

  • Upload contracts for eSigning – Users can now directly upload a contract in their Sign workflow for esigning executions.
  • Upload supporting documents –  Users can now upload all contract supporting documents from their emails.
  • Intake form on email plugins – Intake forms is now supported on email plugins with all their conditional logic. This information will be reflected in your contract metadata once the flow is set up.
  • Optional reviews - Users can now mark reviewers as optional when they upload contracts directly via email plugins.

Download the Outlook plugin here, and the Gmail plugin here.

Contract Signatures get Better

We are excited to introduce big quality-of-life improvements to SpotDraft signature capabilities for all contracts.

Sign Updates for SpotDraft

Here’s what's new – 

  • More Fonts – Signatories will now have different font options to select while signing documents using the Type signature category.
  • Assign signatories when you prepare your contract for collection – To reduce friction in the contract journey, contract users can click on different fields across the contract to assign signature placeholders. 
  • Identify blocks in your signature collection process – Now you’ll be able to see unassigned signatories in your contracts and rectify them quickly.
  • Copy-paste signature fields for collection - Users can copy and paste fields using keyboard shortcuts now. 

Introducing DraftMate 2.0

We have introduced a bunch of new updates for DraftMate, our Microsoft Word Plugin.

Here are the new capabilities of the Draftmate -

  • Users can now set up a new template with its parties and access it right from DraftMate on Word.
  • Users can also create questions and variables directly on DraftMate for a better contract creation process.

This means you spend less time between DraftMate and SpotDraft building new templates.

Other Updates

  • New Help Center Docs for Microsoft Word on SpotDraft - We have added a bunch of new help center docs for our new editor - Microsoft Word on SpotDraft. Check them out here.
  • Streamlined Contract Audits - Now SpotDraft users have the ability to download audit trails separately for partially signed and executed contracts. This enables legal teams to check for digital signatures, contract changes, access control, and more.
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