SpotDraft vs  conga

Businesses prefer SpotDraft over Conga because:

Easier to use, feature-rich and loaded with integrations for all teams to use
Continued support as you scale - at no additional cost
Implement in weeks instead of months
Host your data anywhere in the world
SpotDraft is not prohibitively expensive
Simplify contracts for your team

As rated by real users.

SpotDraft vs Conga— Feature Comparison

Contract templates
Templatize high-volume contracts so your business team can work independently of the legal team.
Conditional language generation
SpotDraft templates allow for more than just form-filling values into a template. With our proprietary templating language, you can use if/else conditions and even compute values to generate contracts that meet your requirements.
DocX generation
Support for tables + images
Support for company’s brand guidelines
Self-serve contract templates
Contract workflows
Define contract-specific workflows to streamline contracting and business processes.
Configurable workflows
Pre-configured approvals
Ad hoc approvals
Counterparty collaboration
Audit trail
Bulk-send contracts
Trigger contracts to a large set of counterparties in one-go. Think of it as a mail-merge for your contracts.
Third-party integrations (Salesforce, Hubspot, etc.)
Contract editor
Purpose-built editor for reviewing contracts that is fully interoperable with MS Word.
100% Word compatible editor
Support for basic word formatting
Support for tables, images + more complex formatting
Scoped comments
Definition service
Error service
Comparison on demand
Automatically create new contract versions when edits are made or when approvals are collected.
Clause library
Easily insert the best version of clauses that have been drafted in the past.
Contract review
Assign contracts for legal review when needed.
In-browser review
Contract review and redlining can happen on the browser itself.
Assign for legal review
Tracking review requests
Contract execution
Collect signatures on a contract.
In-built e-signature solution
Documents on SpotDraft are cryptographically encrypted on execution and fully-compliant across India, Europe, US, Singapore, and Australia.
Integrations with popular e-sign solutions
Supports integration with DocuSign, Adobe Sign, Hello Sign, etc.
Run custom queries to find relevant contracts.
Search by pre-defined metadata
Allows for users to search by metadata common to all contracts such as the execution date, counterparty name, etc
Search by custom metadata
Search by contract language
Post-execution contract management
Stay on top of the rights and obligations associated with executed contracts.
Contract-specific key pointers
Key terms associated with the contract are available so users don’t have to go through the contract over and over again.
Renewal reminders
User-defined contract notes
Automated metadata extraction
Historical contract import
Easily import contracts executed outside the platform.
Access control
Specify team-level and user-level access on contracts.
User-level access control
Team-specific access control
Organization entity-specific access control
Specify access to contracts based on the organization entity associated with the contract.
Analytics and insights
Access deep insights into your contracting workflow to discover bottlenecks and showcase performance.
Contract workflow analysis
Insights on how long it took for the contract to move through the various stages of the contracting lifecycle.
Team performance analysis
Insights on the number and types of contracts being processed by different members of the legal team.
Get your CLM up-and-running in your organization.
Best in class
Time to first workflow
2 weeks
6 months or more
Free with SpotDraft license
Available at an
additional cost
Performed by
Internal team
External vendor
Best in class
Email support
Phone + chat + video support
Available at an
additional cost
Dedicated customer success manager
Available for all SpotDraft customers
Not available

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Why companies look for Conga alternatives

“It felt outdated and slow.”
“The support and sales teams leave a lot to be desired! Very hard to get someone on the phone.”
“Its pricing can be prohibitive for smaller businesses. Additionally, the search functionality could be improved to make it easier to find specific contracts.”
“Not always user friendly, duplicates.”
“Conga templates are not easy to design. They require an extensive amount of knowledge in HTML.”
“You need separate licenses to send documents for electronic signatures. Conga does offer Conga Sign, however, it is an application built for another sales platform.”
“DocuSign integration is clunky.”
“Generating documents seems to take an eternity.”
“Getting support from Conga to assess and improve our CLM was painful and everything was expensive.”
“You need to embrace the entire Conga suite to really make the most of your products.”
“Time taken to correct errors caused by system updates is not great.”
“Makes us feel like our issue is not big enough for them to address.”

Why you should choose SpotDraft as your Conga alternative

“SpotDraft has helped cut our contract review and extraction time in half.”
“I was most impressed by their incredibly professional and organized implementation process.”
“I can never go back to editing templates in Word.”
“SpotDraft is solving a complicated Salesforce integration for us and built a custom UI for us.”
“​​Having used multiple contract management tools in the past, SpotDraft has been a game changer.”
“SpotDraft has gone above and beyond in supporting our company.”
“I really like the key pointers feature. It helps us easily track the important business terms we use extensively to organize our contractual obligations.”
“Contract and task management has become so much easier since we started using SpotDraft.”
“I love how enthusiastic they are about improving the product. If we make a suggestion, they run with it. Every week it gets better and better.”
“The editor feature is definitely a differentiator that our legal team enjoys the most.”
“SpotDraft's focus on being the best CLM tool in the market is very apparent in the care and thoughtfulness of the solution's design.”
“The best part with SpotDraft has been the level of customization the tool offers. Our agreements get kinda complicated yet we have them all well set within the platform.”

Why do companies choose SpotDraft over Conga?

Conga isn’t an all-in-one solution.

Conga provides CLM automation through a suite of products, such as Conga Sign and Conga CLM. This can not only get confusing but also add on to costs as each product solves specific aspects of the contracting process. With SpotDraft, you get an end-to-end solution that powers your entire contract lifecycle from one platform.
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I wish we'd found SpotDraft sooner! It has been a game-changer for our workflows and contract management processes.

SpotDraft offers competitive pricing, even as you scale.

Unlike Conga’s volume-based and individual solution-based pricing, SpotDraft provides simple and transparent pricing that remains fair even as your company grows and the legal function scales. We also provide free implementation and support for all our customers, unlike our competitors who charge for these services.
“SpotDraft has the best mix of functionality and reasonable pricing. We've been using SpotDraft for most of our contract flow and signing. It has made getting agreements out for signature much easier.”

We’ll get you set up in as early as 2 weeks.

With Conga, you’ll have to pay to get an external vendor to implement your CLM, and it could take 6 months or even longer. SpotDraft, however, has an in-house implementation program that’s included in every license and ensures adoption through unlimited training sessions and a dedicated success manager.
“I love working directly with their customer success/onboarding team. They have been incredible partners and so easy to work with.”

Conga still uses Word as its editor.

Word’s great, but modern legal teams need more. With Conga, you’ll need to use Word as your contract editor and switch apps for the rest of the process. On the other hand, while SpotDraft is 100% Word compatible, our purpose-built contract editor stands out for its flexibility in enabling contract creation, collaboration, and more.
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“SpotDraft has massively reduced our turnaround time for creating and approving contracts. The ability to go from template contracts to a fully-functional Editor really helps manage our end-to-end contracting workflow.”

Using SpotDraft doesn’t require technical expertise.

Conga users have mentioned the software’s complexity leading to confusion — which can be disastrous in terms of adoption and seeing ROI on your CLM. Unlike our competitors, we’ve built our CLM solution to enable teams regardless of technical expertise, from easy to set up self-serve templates to an intuitive repository and search module.
“SpotDraft’s system is straightforward, intuitive, and easy to use, both for administrators and users, who have adapted to it very quickly.”

Industry-leading support for every customer.

Users of Conga have reported difficulty in getting support and lack of sufficient response. Unlike Conga and our other competitors, we strive to maintain high standards of customer support and offer hands-on, dedicated customer service to help resolve issues as swiftly as possible.
“The easy-to-use functionalities added with SUPERB customer support and implementation made the transition to SpotDraft a smooth process.”

Integrate your entire tech stack with SpotDraft.

Different teams use different tech to enable their processes, and we help you integrate with all of them to ensure easy adoption. SpotDraft offers a wide range of out-of-the-box integrations as well as an in-house integrations team to help you set up custom integrations with any other tool you may be using.
“We run a lean sales team and having SpotDraft has made it possible to create a contract in seconds. Instead of manually copy pasting stuff from Hubspot, it automatically fills everything and creates a proper contract.”

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