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Vol. 9 | Contracts are not built on hope, but on collaboration 💫

Hi there,

Rebellions are built on hope 💫
But contracts ... are built on collaboration.

That, dear reader - would be the only Star Wars reference in this newsletter, I promise ✋. If you are a fan, I hope you had as much fun geeking out as some of us did. And if you’re not, we got some pretty great content for you nonetheless. 📖

The 4th edition of #LegalMatters features Shiv Vyas, GC of Compusoft Group. It is an interesting discussion on the impact commercially-minded GCs can bring to the table. Catch the full interview here.👇


Okay, now for something a little different. If you’ve ever had smart ideas to hack together simple tools/tech that lawyers can use, this is your time to shine.

- No Code Sports League is exactly what it sounds like - a programming-free hackathon for lawyers. Not only is it loads of fun, but you also stand to win prizes 🏆 Read all about it right here.

- Then there's a frenemy story that left us somewhat confused - Amazon and Microsoft team up to defend against facial recognition lawsuits. With elements like training algorithms to differentiate people of color and a few (mis)used photos, this is an interesting case overall to exercise your argumentative skills 🏛️.


Hey, you’re still here - so let's discuss what we were talking about at the start of this email - contract collaboration. Editing contracts feels better as a team sport. So we built something very, very cool - real-time multi-editor support on SpotDraft. 💣

See changes to your contract, as they happen. Leave comments or clarify doubts instantly. And collaborate the way you’ve always wanted to. 👇


Exhibit your work with SpotInsights 💡

With SpotInsights - legal departments can create intuitive visual dashboards to display their value, understand their workload, and use this data to optimize their processes. We know it is a lot to digest, so here's a sneak-peek 👇



"It is important to find the time to upskill at work and to do that, you cannot be spending 24x7 on negotiating contracts and putting out fires.”
- Shiv Vyas, GC, Compusoft Group

A question for you: Is it a crime to share your Netflix account/password?

Apparently, according to Netflix's user terms, and a federal law that prohibits you from sharing passwords. Read about this proposition here. 📺

And just like that, this month's SpotDigest comes to an end. We created a beautiful page with an archive of our old editions. Please have a look, share it with your friends, and get SpotDigest some love.


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