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Vol. 7 | Not-to-miss news from Feb, because 2021 feels like 3 seconds ⚡

Hey there! 👋

It’ll be one full year since the first COVID-19 lockdowns worldwide. That isn't a reason to celebrate, but if you are reading this and doing well, I am so, so happy. With the vaccine around the corner, good things are happening all around.

For example - it is only the 2nd edition of #LegalMatters and we interviewed the legendary 3xGC and author of the 10 Things blog - Sterling Miller🔥 . Here, he covers how in-house lawyers can demonstrate value, the major challenges for today’s GC and what he loves about this job. 👇

SpotDraft guide to success for  in-house lawyers with Sterling Miller
  • For over 12 years, Geoff Zodda has been placing lawyers, GCs, and other professionals in organizations where they belong. In this podcast, he talks about job stability for lawyers during the end phase of COVID, what legal employers are looking for, and other trends to come.
  • In any company, there are teams that bring in the money and teams that spend it. Where does a legal team fit in here? What does it take for them to demonstrate value? Find out here 👈

Feature Highlight

SpotDraft feature - Salesforce Integration

Now, in the "101 ways SpotDraft makes your life easier” news, did you know we integrate with Salesforce? Not only can your sales team dynamically generate and execute contracts right from their CRM, but your contracts will also play super nice with the tools that your business teams use! 💪

Check it out! 👇

SpotDraft integrates with Salesforce

Legal Leader Highlight

"While firms are typically involved in putting out fires, in-house professionals are actively involved in shaping the future of the company. Here you’re an advisor - helping the business proactively and avoiding roadblocks right from the start.”
- Sterling Miller, CEO, Hilgers Graben PLLC and author of the Ten Things blog

In time for Spring, here is a really good read 📖:

Never Split The Difference-1

Never Split The Difference is written by Chris Voss, a former FBI hostage negotiator. The book takes an interesting look at conversations and how fundamentally “meet me halfway” might not be the best tactic towards either party getting what they want.

So ends this month’s tiny capsule of the internet that is actually useful for you. Take care of yourself and I will see you soon.

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