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Vol. 10 | Contract redlining is now a summer sport, plus, an interview with Colin Levy ☀️

Maybe it is too early to celebrate, but with vaccination rollouts and places opening up again, it is hard not to feel positive; feels like the first few steps in leaving behind an incredibly painful time.

But I will reserve the happy tears for now, and get you started on some of the best legal-tech content that came out last month.

For our latest edition of #legalmatters, we spoke to the wonderful Colin Levy of WordRake. A legal thought leader who is passionate about marketing, an avid gamer, and a technology enthusiast - Colin is very interesting, to say the least. Find out more here.👇

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  • Grab some 🍿 for this one: in what promises to be a very, very interesting case, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had signed into law, a bill to moderate social media content. Now the first legal challenge has been filed against this case. What is to come? Read about it here.
  • A key issue highlighted by respondents in relation to developing talent and skills, was simply how little time was available to learn new technology in an industry that is typically very time poor.” - Legatics’ Barriers to Legal Technology Adoption survey focused on law firm attorneys, but the results ring alarmingly true for legal professionals across the board.


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I love poring over contracts after every review and redlining.

- Nobody, at any point in time

SpotDraft’s auto-redlining feature is built to decrease TAT for contracts dramatically. Here is a quick look at how it works. 👇


If you want to see how SpotDraft can help execute contracts at ⚡ speed, hit us up for a demo!

And just like that, this month's SpotDigest comes to an end. We created a beautiful page with an archive of our old editions. Please have a look, share it with your friends, and get SpotDigest some ❤️.


Kevin Fernandes

PS: Please continue staying safe and sanitized. And have fun - you’ve earned it.

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