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Here’s a beautiful conversation a recent client of ours had with her own client:

I’m glad we could agree on these terms, Cynthia. Now, I’ll forward you this contract, you e-sign, then we can get cracking.

Absolutely. I’d love that. Wait…. I don’t have to move to the office to sign?

Oh no. Just click on the link, check out the document and once it’s inch-perfect, sign. 

Wow. That’s amazing. I’ll be waiting then.

4 hours later and… crickets.  

Here’s the thing. Cynthia knows signing contracts electronically is convenient (she doesn’t have to move out of her office) and efficient (it eliminates the need for printing, faxing, or physically mailing documents). So what happened?

Ingrained habits and preferences—that’s what.  

People love technology, but they love their routines even more. It’s the same here: signing documents with a good ol' pen and paper has been the norm for ages, and breaking that habit is hard. The bottom line is you need to roll up your sleeves and do some convincing if you want your clients to sign contracts electronically. 

We helped Cynthia convince her folks. Now, she closes deals faster and offers clients a more convenient and streamlined signing experience.

You can also save as much as 3 hrs or $20 per transaction and lower your contracting expenses by 95%. Here’s how:

Understanding your client's concerns

“As a company, we always want to delight our customers. We try to engage the customers during the building process. We value our users' likes and opinions by getting appropriate feedback during the prototype phase before it gets built by Engineering. This way, we know we’re making our customers' lives easier and giving them joy while they use our product.”

~ Imaad Musvee, Senior Product Manager, SpotDraft

Imaad on his problem-solving approach and building SpotDraft

Conversely, you can’t go beyond your client’s resistance if you don’t know the root problem. And that’s the first step to overcoming resistance and getting your clients on board with e-Signatures: understand the root of their hesitation. 

Common client concerns revolve around three key areas: 

  • Security and confidentiality: Your clients want reassurance that their sensitive information will be protected
  • Legality and enforceability: Clients question the legal validity of e-Signatures and how they hold up in disputes or legal proceedings
  • Technological barriers: Some clients feel uneasy about adopting new technologies or worry about the learning curve

These are valid concerns that require your attention. Understanding them will help you better sell the idea of e-Signatures to your clients. 

Pro tip: Address these concerns head-on, provide clear explanations, and offer support throughout the process. That’s how you'll build trust and make it easier for your clients to embrace e-Signatures.

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Educating the client about electronic signatures

You’ve identified the problem, great. Now, to some solutions. 

Many people are unfamiliar with the concept of eSignature or have wild misconceptions of them. And even those familiar have concerns about the three key areas we mentioned earlier. 

These misconceptions and limited knowledge often fuel resistance to technology. For example, some people believe cloud computing is insecure or too complex. However, with proper education, they discover all the benefits cloud computing holds for their business and adopt it into their processes. 

You need to give your clients the chance to learn why they should move from the traditional ink-to-paper signing to e-Signatures. Here are a few ways you can do that:

  • Clearly explain what electronic signatures are 
  • Reassure your clients by highlighting the robust security measures, encryption protocols, and adherence to industry standards implemented by your eSignature service provider.
  • Explain the legal validity and enforceability of electronic signatures, citing successful cases. For instance, the US ESIGN Act says both parties must keep a copy of the signed agreement. That’s why legally compliant eSignature service providers like SpotDraft send the signed contract to everyone involved and let them download a copy from the eSignature platform.
  • Provide more educational materials, FAQs, and personalized assistance if your client needs them. 

If you can paint a clear picture of what e-signing is, you’ll have an easier time getting clients to sign your contract electronically. This way, you close deals faster and save time for other aspects of your business. Win-win. 

Presenting the benefits of e-Signatures

Benefits of e-Signatures

The fact that you understand the benefits of e-Signatures doesn’t mean your client would. You need to lay it out to them.

Once your clients have a basic understanding of e-Signatures, it's time to showcase the numerous benefits they offer. The advantages of using e-Signatures go beyond convenience and efficiency:

1. Time savings

Electronic signatures streamline the contract signing process by eliminating the need for manual paperwork, postal delays, and physical presence. Contracts can be signed and returned within minutes, reducing the turnaround time and accelerating business transactions.

2. Cost reduction

Physical contracts involve expenses such as printing, shipping, and storage. By transitioning to electronic signatures, clients can significantly reduce paper usage and associated expenses, contributing to a more sustainable business approach.

3. Enhanced accuracy

E-signing reduces the risk of errors and omissions. With features like mandatory fields and validation checks, clients are guided through the signing process, minimizing the possibility of missing vital information or signatures. Additionally, automated alerts and notifications ensure timely follow-ups, reducing the chance of missed deadlines.

4. Improved accessibility and collaboration

e-Signatures promote collaboration by enabling multiple parties to sign documents simultaneously from different locations. This feature is especially useful when dealing with clients or stakeholders located in different time zones or countries, fostering faster decision-making and reducing delays.

5. Better document management

Electronic contracts can be stored securely in the cloud, ensuring easy retrieval, searchability, and long-term accessibility. This eliminates the need for physical filing systems, reducing clutter and enhancing organizational efficiency.

If you can communicate these benefits to your clients, they’ll easily hop on a platform and sign your contract. 

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Providing technological support and guidance

One of the main barriers to adopting electronic contracts is the fear of technology or lack of familiarity with the tools involved. To overcome this hurdle, it is crucial to provide your clients with comprehensive technological support and guidance. Here are a few steps you can take:

1. User-friendly tools

Offer user-friendly electronic contract platforms that simplify the signing process. 

Spotdraft, for instance, is intuitive and straightforward. All your client has to do is click, click, click, and sign.  This ease of use reduces Spotdraft’s learning curve and eliminates the need for extensive training or support, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

What’s more, SpotDraft has a whole resource center designed to help new users easily navigate the platform. A tool like this simplifies the contract e-signing process, so your client has no problem adopting it.

2. Technical support 

Provide prompt technical assistance to clients during the transition phase, backed by a stellar customer service team. SpotDraft's dedicated support team goes above and beyond to address any issues or questions users have, ensuring a smooth experience. Don't just take our word for it - customers have given rave reviews about SpotDraft's exceptional customer service. 

Here’s one of them:

“From the onboarding experience, to SpotDraft's responsiveness to issues and feature requests - SpotDraft makes contract lifecycle management a breeze! As a contracts manager, I enjoy how SpotDraft makes it easy for our users to generate and customize contracts, send contracts for signatures, and revisit them when needed. SpotDraft's Salesforce and Gmail integration showcases their responsiveness to feedback for feature requests and product feedback - both are excellent. Not only is the tool intuitive and easy to use - the entire SpotDraft team provides exceptional support. Thank you SpotDraft!”

Charlene N., Senior Contracts Manager

Customizing the solution to the client’s needs

Customizing the e-signature solution to the client’s needs

Every client is unique, so should their solutions be. This disparity is a result of the difference in industry, company size, or specific preferences. To convince clients to sign contracts electronically, you must tailor the solution to their individual needs. 

There are a couple of ways to go about this:

1. Flexibility

Provide clients with options to customize the contract process according to their preferences. This may include allowing them to choose between different signature methods, such as electronic signatures, digital certificates, or biometric authentication.

2. Integration

Ensure the electronic contract platform integrates seamlessly with their existing systems and workflows. This integration will minimize disruption and allow clients to transition smoothly without overhauling their entire process.

3. Security and compliance

Address security concerns by highlighting the robust security measures employed by the electronic contract platform. Emphasize the compliance with relevant regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or industry-specific standards, to instill confidence in your clients.

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Following up and addressing further questions

Even after providing initial support and customizing the solution, clients may still have lingering questions or concerns. If you’re looking to push them over the finish line, you have to follow up and be readily available to address their issues. 

Reach out to clients individually to check on their progress and address any questions they may have. This personal touch shows your dedication to their success and builds trust.

Offer ongoing support to clients as they navigate the electronic contract process. This can include training sessions, webinars, or regular updates on new features or improvements to the platform.

Encourage clients to provide feedback on their experience with electronic contracts. Actively listen to their suggestions and implement improvements based on their input. This iterative approach will help refine the process and ensure client satisfaction.

Optimize your signing process with advanced e-Signatures by SpotDraft

Negotiating contracts with clients can be a challenging process. So, losing a client due to prolonged decision-making processes is a situation no business wants to face. 

Luckily, with high-powered e-signatures like SpotDraft, you can fast-track the contract signing process, eliminating the delays associated with traditional ink-to-paper methods.

Once the client has made their decision to work with your business, you can expedite the signing process and get the contract executed within minutes. In fact, SpotDraft users save as much as 3 hours per transaction

SpotDraft offers a range of compelling features that can help you persuade your clients to embrace electronic contract signing. With SpotDraft, you:

Collect legally binding and secure eSignatures

Collect legally binding and secure eSignatures with SpotDraft

Combine eSignatures with SpotDraft workflows for seamless collaboration with your team and counterparties

Combine eSignatures with SpotDraft workflows

Ensure you’re on track with the accurate and fast reporting capabilities of the eSignature platform

Set up audit trails on SpotDraft 

These features make SpotDraft a valuable tool for streamlining your contract signing process and enhancing overall productivity.

If you’re looking to gather signatures with zero hassle, SpotDraft is a great option for you. Simply request a demo to learn how SpotDraft can help your business optimize your contract signing process.

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