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Vol. 5 | *deep breaths* Hello 2021

Hey there,

First off, happy, happy new year. While literally nobody wants to look back at last year, I came across some articles that spoke about the most consequential developments that happened. Have a read, and find out how and why this will shape 2021 for us:

I am a big fan of a proper contract management system - it really is smart work over hard work. But I am a bigger fan of those who do more with less.

To kick off your 2021, here is a free template to manage your contracts with Google Sheets -> Download your Free Copy 🎁

Feature Highlight

SpotDraft Feature - Contract reports and analytics

Oh, speaking of proper contract management systems, do you know what is the biggest advantage of one?

Reports and analytics.

SpotDraft’s reports feature gives you a full picture on all your contracts, and contracting process within seconds. Check it out here:

Contract analytics and reports with SpotDraft

Legal Leader Highlight

“The silver lining of 2020 is that we have been forced to consider changes that were long overdue and then given the opportunity to implement those changes. We will all be beneficiaries of these changes – but those who will benefit the most are those the legal system is meant to serve.”
Robert Ambrogi

In case you want to leave behind more than just the last year, here are some job postings that might be of interest:

I will leave you with this:

See you next month! 👋

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