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Vol. 3 | Reading material if you don't want election news

Hey there,

Any content that isn’t related to the US elections and aftermath will be buried this week. But in case you need a break, I’ve put together the most interesting and thought provoking ideas for you to read.

Legal Leader Highlight

“In the new paradigm, legal education will morph from a place to a process; appointed time to on-time and in real-time learning; and an artisanal delivery model to a tech-enabled, scalable one.”
- Mark A. Cohen

Feature Highlight

SpotDraft Feature - Contract Data Extraction

Meanwhile, the mad scientists at SpotDraft’s Product and Tech teams, didn’t understand why we had to open a contract over and over to know some detail - or why we should ever worry about missing a renewal (especially for historical contracts)

Long story short, you don’t have to do that on SpotDraft.

Find key contract data easily with SpotDraft's auto-extract feature

They’ve made a bunch of other small, but awesome things like this. Check them out here.

We’ve all seen plenty of “Call X and X and Sons Lawyers…” ads on TV in our time (lawyers reading this: does this bring back Legal Ethics class?). 99% Invisible covers these ads and how they’ve affected public perception of lawyers in an interesting episode, Call Now.

Screenshot 2020-11-09 at 8.30.36 PM

Psssst: November 6th was Love Your Lawyer Day. Let people know subtly, but keep your wishlist ready.

Stay cool, stay hydrated.

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