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Vol. 4 | The last edition for this truly terrible year

Hey there,

It is December already, and I am still in denial about how quickly 2020 has zipped past. But a thin silver lining: there has been some pretty fantastic content last month.

It is holiday season after all, and we wanted to send you off with something nice. We put together an end to end playbook to negotiate NDAs which can be adapted to negotiate any other contract type as well.

Download your copy of the NDA Negotiation Playbook for free here! 🎁

Feature Highlight

Organizing contracts and searching anything within, isn’t the kind of work that gets anyone pumped (not speaking for Marie Kondo). So of course, we built something to fix that.

Introducing Tags!

Historical contracts or new, organize your contracts better by creating custom tags. Use them as a filter while you search through them too!

Legal Leader Highlight

“If we can teach the next generation of lawyers not only to embrace technology but innovative thinking, so we can deliver legal services to the public more efficiently and effectively, then we can reach the people who aren’t currently receiving any legal services at all.”
- Andrew Perlman, Dean, Suffolk Law

And just in case this flew under your radar, here is a teardown of Kanye West’s contracts. I guess contracts aren’t all Yeezy! (please forgive me for this joke, it was right there)

Lastly, if you are reading this, I wish you and your loved ones the best: health, patience and resilience to get through both, the good times and bad.

Until we meet again - merry Christmas, happy new year, and happy holidays all around!

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