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Vol. 2 | Fall styles for LegalTech

Hey there,

After much scourging of the internet, here are 3 stories that will go perfectly with that first cup of coffee for the weekend (or the last beer, we don’t discriminate!)

Feature Highlight

SpotDraft Feature - Contract Approvals

You know how your business teams download, edit and send out contracts from a template you shared?

Or how they send emails to get approval from different people, based on conditions (like say, deal value is >$100,000)?

Well, you should tell them to stop.

Contract approvals made easier with SpotDraft

With SpotDraft, they can generate a contract and send it for approval in minutes. Because that’s all the time it should take.

If you want to see this in action, just click here, and we will get in touch!

Legal Leader Highlight

“Law schools need to start doing a better job of training lawyers to practice law and not just understand common law."
- Nicole Black

And to sign off, here is a Halloween playlist because all spook needs some funk. ‘Tis that time of the year anyway!

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