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Vol. 6 | Spring is (almost) here. What’s fresh in legal tech? 🌸

Hey there! 👋

Wow, it is already February. Given that time is now moving at a merciless speed, I am going to get to the point quickly.

Say hi to #LegalMatters - top GCs across the globe featured in a series of informal, informative and immersive interviews. Here is Brian M. Dunn [Unifonic, ex Property Finder], the ideal candidate to kickstart it. 👇

using legal technology as a differentiator - legalmatters

Feature Highlight

SpotDraft feature - Contract eSignatures

Now, did you know SpotDraft has its own integrated e-signatures? Sure, it is unlimited and free, but that is the smaller sell compared to how smooth the experience is.

Check it here:

Unlimited Contract eSignatues with SpotDraft

Legal Leader Highlight

"Once you are siloed, it is very hard to break away from that notion because you will be caught in an everlasting loop of micro-tasks without the opportunity to explore your abilities. In fact, most of these tasks are the ones that an organization should not be paying a lawyer to do."
- Brian M. Dunn, Head of Legal and Compliance, Unifonic Inc

Zoom mishaps is the flavour of the covid professional season - here is our favourite.

That wraps up this month’s SpotDigest. Once again, if there is anything you want to see in this newsletter that would make it more interesting for you, or if you want to let me know how we’re doing, I am all ears.


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