Episode 11

From NASA to HR Tech: Evan Ferl, Chief Strategy Officer & GC, Bambee

Episode summary

Introduction: 00:00 

  • Introducing Evan Ferl, Chief Strategy Officer and GC, Bambee

Finding your passion for working in legal: 02:14

  • Jumping from interest to interest in undergrad in order to learn what you really like to do.
  • Taking a legal writing class and finding a passion for formulating arguments.
  • Finding a path to law school based on understanding your interests.

Starting his career at NASA with a cold email: 06:23

  • Looking for work you’re passionate about when you live somewhere with limited options.
  • Taking a chance and reaching out to GCs at organizations you’ve always loved.
  • Learning how to use legal as a means to positively influence an organization.

Exploring work at big and small companies: 11:10

  • Disregarding the boxes people want you to put yourself in and finding the right attitude.
  • Looking beyond titles and allowing what excites you most to guide your career choices. 

Expanding beyond legal: 14:06

  • Seeing legal as a way to get as close to the core business as quickly as possible.
  • Building your resumé by taking on tasks that your organization’s GC doesn’t want to do.
  • Improving yourself until you feel confident enough to expand beyond the traditional GC role.

Approaching strategy and corporate development from a legal perspective at Poshmark: 19:05

  • Engaging in constructive conversation with the CEO and CFO about the state of the business. 
  • Being transparent about the direction you want to take your career and leaning in.
  • Using the GC role to inject positivity into your organization.

Finding ways to activate creativity: 23:48

  • Overcoming the fear of embarrassment as you try new things.
  • Observing how the boldest people in your organization speak up.
  • Becoming comfortable with outspokenness. 

Transitioning into a strategy role at Bambee: 26:12

  • Casting off the “attorney” label to focus on a new path.
  • Opening up about his goal to become a CEO one day.

Identifying the inflection point to begin a new venture: 28:39

  • Capitalizing on excitement and executing ideas the moment you have them.
  • Refusing to defer action for the future.

Launching the Neatworking newsletter: 32:23

  • Creating a project that allows you to connect with people and rebuild relationships.
  • Going deeper with people and getting to know them beyond roles and titles.
  • Creating a product that helps others grow as much as it helps you.

Improving your writing and creativity: 37:23

  • Getting started and figuring out how to capture your own voice.
  • Being unafraid to make mistakes and owning the mistakes that you make.
  • Knowing that the point of creativity is “doing”.

Advice for younger lawyers: 40:34

  • Ignoring titles and finding what you love to do.
  • Finding the power in owning your own mistakes and not taking your job too seriously.
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Tyler Finn
Head of Community & Growth, SpotDraft
Evan Ferl
Chief Strategy Officer & GC, Bambee

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