Episode 23

Expanding Beyond the GC Role | Bonus Episode

Episode summary

Introduction: 00:00

  • Discover the key to making your journey to the executive table. 
  • In this episode, we explore legal leaders breaking beyond the General Counsel role to take on the mantle of a COO, CFO, or launching a startup.

Evan Ferl on taking the legal landscape beyond its limits: 01:56

  • Seeing legal as a way to get as close to the core business as quickly as possible.
  • Enhancing your resume by taking on an organization's GC's tasks.
  • Developing your confidence to expand beyond the traditional role of GC.

René Paula on enterprise strategy and adaptive communication: 08:14

  • Selling strategic expertise to large enterprises as a consultant.
  • Leveraging the power of communication by becoming proficient in multiple languages.
  • Recognizing when the numbers are no longer aligned and adapting accordingly.

Kathy Zhu on mastering the legal to CEO transition: 11:01

  • Seamlessly transitioning from in-house counsel to the CEO role.
  • How a variety of roles prepare business-savvy lawyers for entrepreneurial success. 
  • Driving perseverance and a focus on Streamline AI's priorities.

Vanessa Gage on navigating interim leadership challenges: 13:52

  • Staying focused while handling time-sensitive tasks.
  • Navigating organizational changes amid executive departures
  • Overcoming transition periods by fostering trust in leadership.

Genessa Stout on leveraging legal insight to achieve business success: 19:26

  • Understanding the business from diverse perspectives for deeper insights.
  • Breaking up with traditional legal boundaries to broaden your impact.
  • Driving business success by tackling challenging tasks.
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Tyler Finn
Head of Community & Growth, SpotDraft
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