Episode 46

What You Wish You Had Known at the Start of Your Career | Bonus Episode

Episode summary

Deanna Papedis on adopting a strategic mindset and keeping your eye on the big picture: 1:05

  • Recognising the need to scale in operations roles.
  • Letting go of the urge to cross over t and dot every i.

Hardeep Singh on congratulating yourself when you reach a career milestone: 2:10

  • Relaxing your expectations of coming in first.
  • Understanding that money is not the goal.

Vineet Shahani on dealing with career lows and leaning on your communication skills: 3:50

  • Finding out that life will disrupt your vision of a linear career path.
  • Verbalizing your difficulties with your network and community.

Nguyễn Vu on establishing strong relationships with people who can move the needle on your career: 6:09

  • Learning that putting your head down and doing the work isn’t enough.
  • Making sure that you demonstrate the great work you’ve been doing.

Sagi Eliyahu on knowing when the world is ready for your idea: 8:49

  • Talking to your customers early and knowing what you need to ask.
  • Asking how far your vision is from the market.
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Tyler Finn
Head of Community & Growth, SpotDraft
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