Becoming a Customer-Centric GC: Adam Glick’s Mindset

Episode summary

Introduction and Adam Glick’s journey: 00:00

  • Adam’s journey as a legal professional and his experience working in various companies.
  • Taking unconventional paths to becoming a General Counsel.
  • Transitioning from litigation to in-house law in the tech industry.

Advice for breaking into tech as a junior legal counsel: 04:47 

  • The competitive nature of finding your first legal job in the tech industry.
  • Not taking rejection personally and persevering during the job search.
  • Being creative and looking at opportunities that may not be a perfect fit but can get your foot in the door.

Networking as a force multiplier in your legal career: 07:03

  • The importance of networking authentically, genuinely showing interest in others' successes and challenges.
  • Setting up face-to-face interactions to cultivate better understanding and relationships.
  • Giving back and thinking of networking as a two-way street.
  • How networking can lead to unexpected opportunities and connections that can change one's career or life trajectory.

The importance of mentorship in advancing your legal career:12:29

  • Finding mentors who can offer support and valuable insights into your current challenges as well as become a sounding board.
  • The importance of being open, vulnerable, and honest with mentors.
  • Building meaningful relationships that can enhance career growth and development.
  • Getting mentorship from peers and cross-functional leaders.

Transitioning into a head of legal role and building a legal team at Intercom: 18:53

  • The importance of acknowledging and celebrating personal achievements.
  • Transitioning into managerial roles, and gaining exposure to different legal areas.
  • Key qualities for successfully building a legal function from scratch include confidence in one's abilities, a mindset of educating the company and building partnerships, establishing trust with clients, and hiring and enabling talented legal professionals to flourish in their roles.

Advice for lawyers aiming for a legal leadership role: 23:30

  • Gaining significant commercial experience and exposure to various areas of the law to prepare for legal leadership roles.
  • Embracing opportunities to learn and expand your skill set as a generalist.

Customer-centricity and relationship building: 27:02

  • Why being customer-centric is crucial for a GC.
  • Building and managing relationships with customers and their counsel.
  • Aligning with internal clients, particularly the sales team, and building relationships around customer success.
  • Considering the varying needs and risk tolerance of different customers.

Strategies for building a high-performing legal team in a growing business: 33:26

  • Following a 30-60-90 day plan in a new legal role.
  • Understanding the business and its goals, and building relationships.
  • Tailoring hires around specific needs (transactional, product, regulatory, etc.).
  • Considering geographical factors and making efficient decisions to avoid slowing down business growth.

How to find the right legal talent: 38:21

  • Hiring individuals who possess subject matter expertise or the ability to learn quickly.
  • Finding candidates who are problem solvers and demonstrate high emotional intelligence (EQ).

Navigating the job market and finding your next role: 43:20

  • Taking time off to decompress and engage in activities outside of work.
  • Defining what you want in your next role and being able to articulate your motivations.
  • Leveraging your network, engaging in networking activities, and having conversations to explore opportunities.
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Tyler Finn
Head of Community & Growth, SpotDraft
Adam Glick
ex-Head of Legal, Intercom

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